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Register to Post

We rolled out the web site but neglected to remind everyone that if they want to post on the blog they need to register.

That menu bar at the top . . . no no below the heading where it says home about etc. . . yeah that part. Well all the way to the right is an entry labeled Login. Hover your mouse over it . . . no don’t click anything yet just hover until the drop down menu appears. OK now click the entry that says Register. No not the top where it says login, click where it says Register. Yeah there. Now pick a username and enter a valid email then click the blue Register button.

OK you should have an email from If not make sure the email you typed is actually your email address. In that email you should see the username you chose and a random password. Yes I know you’ll never remember that password just highlight it and copy it then paste it into the password box after you click the login link. No that’s a good link, not like that link you clicked on about the $80 a hour job at Google. Seriously, you thought Google would hire you. I suppose you think those pills really will make part of your body larger too huh? Hey I was talking about you biceps, get your mind out of the gutter.

Anyway, after you click the link in the email you can log in and you’ll see a page where you can pick a new password provided you can type it the same way twice. Yeah I know it doesn’t *sound* hard but you’d be amazed. Anyway now you should be registered as a “subscriber” which means you can post comments. If you want to write your own posts you have to get one of the admins to elevate you to “author” level or even moderator if you want to edit other peoples stuff. I suggest you bug Jason about it. I just made him an admin and it would server him right if a bunch of people started pestering him about upgrading their account.

Now start posting some quality content so we don’t have drivel like this post cluttering up the front page.


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  1. sarendt says:

    Done :-) Don’t have anything exciting to post about yet, though I have been reading through the MAKE AVR Programing book, really enjoying it!

  2. Club125 says:

    Hello from the Greenbelt Makerspace :-)

    Your email links on the contact page seem to be broken.

    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 #5.1.0 Address rejected.

    • Max says:

      Hello Greenbelt Makerspace,

      My apologies for the email glitch. We’ve changed web hosts recently and are still getting things sorted. The emails should all be working now. I understand that you are hosting a Mini Maker Faire on April 5th. Unfortunately we have a class planned that day and I don’t think we have enough bodies to support both events. We’d be very interested in checking out your facilities or collaborating on events in the future so please keep us apprised.

      Max A. Lupton

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